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Week 18: Big River Farms CSA

Posted 10/9/2012 2:09pm by Amber Stenson.


What’s in your box?
yellow onion
brussel sprouts
broccoli (Intrinsik Farm)
carrots (Intrinsik Farm)
acorn squash (Sebra Farm)
delicata (Golden Karen Farm)
turnips (Intrinsik Farm)
black beans (Sebra Farm)

Coming up:

first snow
bare trees
long nights of reading
smoke out of chimneys
hot soup
sunny and -10 degrees

Get creative with your CSA box…try out our recipes!


Maple Glazed Parsnips

Acorn Squash with Kale

Things to remember

1. When you arrive to pick up your box, remember to check your name off of the appropriate roster. There will be one each for Summer's Best & Fruitshare members. If you are picking up both, you will need to check your name off of both lists.

2. Please bring a bag or other container to transfer your veggies into & follow the instructions for breaking down your box found in the CSA bin.  The waxed cardboard boxes will need to stay at your site so that we may pick them up the following week for reuse.

3. In the spirit of community, please do not open or go through other boxes. Boxes are packed identically each week and there is no need to look for a better one.  If you are concerned with the contents of your box, or something is missing, please let me know as soon as you can & I'll do my darndest to remedy the situation.

4. Planning a vacation this summer? You've got some options. Invite a friend or neighbor to pick up in your stead while you're away. OR, you can contactme at least 24 hours in advance to donate your box to Minneapolis Market (a foodshelf with dignity).  All donations are tax deductible.  We are unable to prorate or credit you for canceled or forgotten boxes.


Upcoming Events

October 13th -
Fall Harvest Party!


Notes from the Field  

Hey Folks,

The last week is upon us and we are finally getting a little rain!  It feels oddly strange to see water that falls naturally from the sky.  And true to the Minnesotans that most of us all, it only took someone out here about two hours of drizzle before complaining about the rain.  I guess two months of drought were not enough days of sunshine.

Well, we all want to thank you for working with us for another season here at the farm.  This year was an interesting mix of huge successes and a few failures (no strawberries and sad garlic).  All in all, I am very happy with how the year went and most of the farmers have said they too felt the year went well.  We could not provide the kind of education and oppurtunity to our farmers that we do with out conscious eaters like you helping us out. THANK YOU!
Please note that I put a survey envelope in your boxes this week.  This is a CSA survey by a researcher at St. Thomas.  She is looking at quite a few CSAs in Minnesota and I am very interested in her reults.  Please, if you can take the extra effort to send back her survey that would be wonderful!

Please come on out to our Harvest Party this weekend!  It promises to be a great day of farm goodness.  It is always a pleasure to see some of you again and meet some of you for the first time.  The fall party is a great time to see the farm and meet all of our farmers.  Also, we will have a lot of pumpkins available for taking home for a halloween treat!




This is a great box for the all encompassing roasted winter vegetable!  You can throw the parsnips, turnips, both types of squash, the carrots, and even the brussel sprouts into this mix.  Every time we need a quick delicious and easy dinner in the fall or winter, this recipe always comes to mind.

The Baleada recipe is from our wonderful production coordinator Carly who says, "While living in Honduras, I was introduced to arguably the most delicious savory breakfast food ever. Although, I must admit to enjoying just as many late-night baleadas! Hondurans regularly eat this delicious tortilla-egg-bean combination and add seasonably available extras like avocado. I thought that with Porfirio’s black beans in the box this week, this would be a good time to share this delicious dish. "

I love this Acorn Squash and Kale soup!  The bacon adds a wonderful flavor as well.  If you are looking for a good way to use that kale this is for you!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the parsnips once again this week.  I almost always just eat parsnips in some sort of root bake, however, this Maple glaze recipe is fantastic!

Happy Eating!





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