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BRF CSA: 1st Fall Harvest Delivery

Posted 10/23/2012 3:51pm by Amber Stenson.


What’s in your box?
yellow onion
broccoli (Intrinsik Farm)
carrots (Intrinsik Farm)
butternut squash (Sebra Farm)
delicata (Golden Karen Farm)
purple potatoes

salad mix

Coming up:

black beans
brussel sprouts 

Get creative with your CSA box…try out our recipes!

Things to remember

1. When you arrive to pick up your box, remember to check your name off of the appropriate roster. There will be one each for Summer's Best & Fruitshare members. If you are picking up both, you will need to check your name off of both lists.

2. Please bring a bag or other container to transfer your veggies into & follow the instructions for breaking down your box found in the CSA bin.  The waxed cardboard boxes will need to stay at your site so that we may pick them up the following week for reuse.

3. In the spirit of community, please do not open or go through other boxes. Boxes are packed identically each week and there is no need to look for a better one.  If you are concerned with the contents of your box, or something is missing, please let me know as soon as you can & I'll do my darndest to remedy the situation.

4. Planning a vacation this summer? You've got some options. Invite a friend or neighbor to pick up in your stead while you're away. OR, you can contactme at least 24 hours in advance to donate your box to Minneapolis Market (a foodshelf with dignity).  All donations are tax deductible.  We are unable to prorate or credit you for canceled or forgotten boxes.


Upcoming Events

October 13th -
Fall Harvest Party!


The salad mix in the box got packed a little too wet.  Please remove the salad from your bags and either spin it well or place it on a towel on the counter to dry. 

Notes from the Field  

Hey Folks,

The first fall box is upon us!

It was such a pleasure to wake up yesterday and harvest again for the first time in a week.  What doubled the pleasure for me was working in our hoophouse.  Right now our hoophouse is full with salad mix, arugula, two different types of lettuce, and spinach.  It is by far the best looking winter hoophouse I have ever been a part of. 

Yesterday we spent the morning harvesting our salad mix.  This stuff is beautiful!  I hope it comes into your homes in one piece.  It is very small and very delicate.  When you get it home you should take it out of the plastic bag immediatly and spin it or let it dry on a towel.  It was a bit wetter than I like to bag it but we had to bag it to get it to you on time today.

All in all the farm is winding down to a slow steady pace of getting all the little things buttoned up.  I will be putting the last of the covercrops in the ground tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy all the veggies.  I love this mixture of fall crops.







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