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By Davina Her - April 29, 2015 Saint Paul, MN

Community member Dorothy Her has started up an urban farm called Kab Npauj Healing Garden located in the Rondo community area with her team members, Dolly Her and Davina Her. We would like to celebrate and invite the larger community to join us at the Kab Npauj Healing Garden  groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday, May 17th at 11:30 AM

Kab Npauj Healing Garden is an urban farm that is sustained through Hmoob (Hmong) indigenous spirituality, health and healing. We are a group committed to healing the historical trauma in our own Hmoob community through intergenerational farming. We are youth and elderly focused. 

Our goal is to provide young people with the opportunity to explore who they are as Hmoob individuals and to find self-worth in their identity as Indigenous people. 

This garden is fully led and organized by Hmoob women from the metro area community. We hope that you can all join us on Sunday, May 17th at 11:30 AM to celebrate this new healing garden. The garden is located at theLutheran Church of the Redeemer, 285 Dale Street N, Saint Paul, MN 55103

There will be refreshments and food for all who come. We can’t wait to see you all there. For more information, please visit www.kabnpaujhealinggarden.weebly.com or at Facebook/kabnpaujhealinggarden. 

To learn more about this garden, please contact Dorothy Her via mobile: 651-757-7391 or email: her.dorothy@gmail.com.

Major sponsors and/or supporters of the garden include: Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Natural Resources Conservation Services, Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Minnesota Food Association, and our Farming Mentors Hli Xyooj and Mai Pa Kou Yang.

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Minnesota Food Association (MFA) is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the recipient of Mississippi Market’s Positive Change program for the month of May!

Mississippi Market will donate 10¢ for every reusable shopping bag you use at their stores this month, and you’ll also have a chance to round up at the register! All donations will support our mission to build a sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice through training, education and partnerships. Both Mississippi Market stores are participating, now through May 31st.

Many of the farmers in our program are interested in learning more about season-extension practices, which would increase their profitability and community access to locally-grown, organic produce in the off-season. Two pieces of infrastructure we already have in place for this programming are our 100’x30’ high tunnel and our 48’x20’ greenhouse. Unfortunately, both structures are currently unusable and in dire need of repair. During a windstorm last spring, the poly on the high tunnel was torn off and destroyed, and weather and time have taken their toll on the smaller greenhouse to the point that it requires reconstruction. We will use the money from the Positive Change Program to rebuild these structures and revive them as educational facilities.

Thank you for donating to help us make this Positive Change!

Shop at either Mississippi Market location:

  • 622 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104
  • 1500 W. 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102

For more information on Mississippi Market, visit http://msmarket.coop/

Thank you!

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Happy Spring!

There's lots of new and wonderful things growing at Minnesota Food Association and Big River Farms right now!  Not only are we planting seeds and seedlings into the ground, but we got baby chickens ducks and geese as well!  We are also keeping bees for the first time this year.  Check out this cutie!  


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Check out this great video of the 10th annual IMFC conference:

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Check out Minnesota Food Association's Philanthropedia Entry!  


We were voted a 2012 Top Non-profit!  


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Local experts tell us which nonprofits are working hard to ensure all Minnesotans have access to fresh, healthy food — and how you can help.

The last 10 years have seen an explosion in food and drink culture in Minnesota, a trend that includes everything from craft brewing to farm-to-table dining. That boom in local dining also comes with an important realization: the need for greater access to fresh, healthy food for all Minnesotans. Meeting that challenge requires an integrated approach: Things like farmer training, community organizing, emergency food offerings, nutritional education and food waste reduction all have roles to play in the work to improve the way our community eats.

Bringing healthy food to more Minnesotans has profound health implications, a fact that guides the missions of many local nonprofits. And because the number of households using the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has more than doubled in the past 10 years, the urgency of ensuring food availability has never been keener.

Minnesota Philanthropy Partners teamed with philanthropic-research company Philanthropedia to ask experts which local nonprofits are working effectively to increase access to healthy food. (For more data, visit myphilanthropedia.org.) Individual giving and volunteer time are critical to supporting the mission of all of these groups—and, by extension, improving the way Minnesotans eat and live.

Read the rest of this article from Minnesota Philanthropy Partners here.  

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Saturday, February 7 from 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM & Sunday, February 8 from 8:45 AM- 3:45 PM
1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108

Come and join us for two full days to learn new farming skills, connect with farming resources, and network with other farmers. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided along with our popular door prize drawing.

Please register online at: http://goo.gl/ylMcFb

Sponsored by: AgStar Financial Services, AgriBank, Farley Center, United FCS, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, USDA- Natural Resource Conservation Service, Latino Economic Development Center, Minnesota Crop Improvement Association, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Land Stewardship Project, Seed Savers Exchange, Crossroads Resource Center, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service, Renewing the Countryside, Urban Oasis, Main Street Project, Asian Economic Development Association, Southern MN Initiative Foundation, MN Farmers Union, Lakewinds Coop, Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Minnesota Food Association, Hmong American Partnership, Mississippi Market, University of Minnesota Extension
Contact Dolly Her at 651-223-5400 with any questions.
Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference

Don’t know where the conference is? No problem, here is a map.

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Have you made a New Year's Resolution this year to get healthy?  Perhaps you want to lower your blood sugar, lose weight, or just begin eating cleaner.  

Here's your chance!

Sign up now for Big River Farms' 2015 CSA Shares

Each week, or every other week, you will receive 3/4 bushel of organic, fresh and healthy veggies.  There are fruit share options available as well.  You can pick them up at the Big River Farms, or from one of our 14 dropsites throughout the Twin Cities.  Get one for yourself, your family, or to split with friends or neighbors!

Use coupon code EarlyBird2015 for an instant discount of $25 on a full, weekly CSA share!

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Registration is now open for the 2015 Immigrant and Minority Farmer's Conference!

The annual Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference (IMFC) is a two day event that serves to advance the  success  and sustainability of immigrant and minority farmers. The IMFC focuses on the special needs and interests of immigrant and minority farmers and addresses their needs by bringing together farmers, farm advocates, educators, professionals, experts, and agency officials to one space to exchange knowledge, network, and find support. The IMFC will feature over 12 different workshops presented by experienced farmers and professionals on topics that are essential to thriving and successful farming and vegetable productions.  Past workshops have included understanding important rules and regulations that govern production and sale of food and flowers, marketing concepts and practical skills, critical but basic record-keeping, modern farm practices, food safety for specialty crop farmers, soil health and USDA programs that can improve and strengthen farms.

Click HERE to register today!

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Here is our third and final Fall CSA box of the year!  It's been a pleasure to grow this yummy food for you and your families.  We hope to see you next year!




Click on each crop listed below for some tasty recipe ideas, and click on the farm names to learn more about the amazing people who grow your food!


In this week's box,
you'll find:
Brought to you by: 



1st Karen Farm


Gmonpaj's Garden


Rome Farm



Big River Farms



Gurung Family Farm