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Minnesota Food Association's mission is to build a more sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice.

We seek to impact local food production, grow more sustainable food producers, and enhance their connections to markets and resources. We do our work in the St. Croix River Valley and the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota.

MFA provides a full range of educational programming about organic agriculture to beginning farmers and to all members of the community interested in learning more. Our unique approach uses the rich resources of a Certified Organic farm, located within the 7-county Twin Cities Metro, to engage our constituents directly in the lives of organic farmers and the production of the food they eat. Our farmer training program serves individuals from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds, primarily refugees and recent immigrants. Aspiring farmers can choose to participate in varying levels of our programming, based on their needs and level of commitment to farming.



MFA On-a-Stick! 

When: Saturday, September 5th, 3:00 - 6:00 PM

What:The Common Table

Where: Horticulture Building

The Common Table is a growing network that includes members of the food community and designers working to promote local food in Minnesota. Come see MFA farmers give presentations on the following topics:

·3:00 PM - Immigrant Farming – Presenter: Dil Gurung, Bhutanese Farm A presentation by immigrant farmers about their story in coming to Minnesota and learning to farm and market their crops in our unique climate.

·4:00 PM - Why Organic? – Presenter: Kano Banjaw, Romé Farm Why is supporting organic farming training important for immigrant farmers? Presentation by MFA/Big River Farms staff and program participants about why they farm organically and what it means to share knowledge of sustainable practices in the immigrant farming community.

·5:00 PM -  Vegetable Repertoire – Presenter: Porfirio Perez, Sebra Farm Expand your vegetable repertoire- buying, cooking and eating traditional crops grown by immigrant farmers in MN. Presentation and demonstration of crops traditionally grown by immigrant farmers. 


Mark Your Calendars!

Fall Harvest Party - October 18th

MFA and Big River Farms will be having its annual Fall Harvest Party on October 18th from 3:00 - 7:00 PM! There will be hayrides, pumpkins, a raffle, a barbecue, and potluck dinner. It's a celebration of the end of the season and the harvest. All are invited! 



The Geese Names Have Been Chosen!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the farm for our Open House this month. We had a fun contest to name the five geese that are living on the farm this year. There were many suggestions made, and here are the five that won.


White goose on top:  Turnip

White goose on right:  Twilight

White goose on left:  Sailor Moon

Brown goose in center:  Joey Ramone

Brown goose on left:  Gary


Thanks again to everyone who participated in giving these geese some great names!



The 2015 Immigrant and Minority Farmer's Conference was a success!

Thank you for helping to make the 2015 IMFC conference a fun and productive weekend!  The IMFC focuses on the special needs and interests of immigrant and minority farmers and addresses their needs by bringing together farmers, farm advocates, educators, professionals, experts, and agency officials to one space to exchange knowledge, network, and find support. 12 different workshops presented by experienced farmers and professionals on topics that are essential to thriving and successful farming and vegetable productions were featured.  Past workshops have included understanding important rules and regulations that govern production and sale of food and flowers, marketing concepts and practical skills, critical but basic record-keeping, modern farm practices, food safety for specialty crop farmers, soil health and USDA programs that can improve and strengthen farms. 

Check out this great video from the conference! 



Want to eat some of our great, certified organic produce tonight but don't feel like cooking?

Head to Sen Yai Sen Lek!  

Our produce is highlighted in their menu.  


You can also head to Seward Co-OP.  

They purchase our certified organic produce to sell in their store.