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Minnesota Food Association's mission is to build a more sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice.

We seek to impact local food production, grow more sustainable food producers, and enhance their connections to markets and resources. We do our work in the St. Croix River Valley and the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota.

MFA provides a full range of educational programming about organic agriculture to beginning farmers and to all members of the community interested in learning more. Our unique approach uses the rich resources of a Certified Organic farm, located within the 7-county Twin Cities Metro, to engage our constituents directly in the lives of organic farmers and the production of the food they eat. Our farmer training program serves individuals from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds, primarily refugees and recent immigrants. Aspiring farmers can choose to participate in varying levels of our programming, based on their needs and level of commitment to farming.



MFA is searching for a

Production and Markets Manager

 If you are someone you know is interested in working for MFA, please check out the job description.



Thank you for a wonderful CSA Summer season!  

All of us at Minnesota Food Association (MFA) and Big River Farms (BRF) want to thank you for participating in our Summer CSA this year!  We had a lot of beautiful produce and hope you found lots of yummy ways to cook it.  Here are some fun facts:  

-  It took an average of 160 hours per week to harvest produce for the CSA.  Over 18 weeks, that's 2,880 hours! 

-  Around 2,400 pounds of produce were harvested for the CSA each week.  That totals over 43,200 pounds over the season! 

-  Ten farmers and their families were responsible for all the produce for this year's CSA!  

It's amazing to think of it in that scale! It wouldn't happen without our amazing CSA customers. Thank you so much for making all of this possible!  



  Thanks for making the Big River Slow Food Dinner a success!

 Around 100 people came out to the farm to have dinner made by four amazing local chefs and raise money for MFA and Slow Food MN.  The weather was beautiful, the band was fun, the auction items were all sold, and the food was fantastic.  

Check out our Facebook page for even more pictures!






Aaron Blyth, Farm Manager at Big River Farms, tells SPNN's Market crew how he prepares for the 2012 growing season and how, as a farmer, he deals with the ever changing weather in Minnesota.