Fall Harvest Party Volunteers

Our Fall Harvest Party is October 13, from 4:00 pm- 8:00 pm.  This is a great time to celebrate the season.  The event is free and we usually have about 100 families attending.  It is a pot luck and we contribute a roasted pig, as well as live music and a bon fire and reusable dishes and silverware.

We need volunteers to help us out.

Which position would you like to volunteer for?
Welcome/Greeter ( arrive by 3:15 - set up greeting table - greet guests)

Set -up ( arrive by 2 pm and help to set up the space)

Food Table ( help place potluck items - refresh the table)

Dishes ( help to wash the dishes and replenish the table with dishes throughout the day)

Clean up ( help clean up and put away things at the end of the party )

Which shift would you like



Have you volunteered with us before?


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