Fruit Share Line up

FruitShare offers fresh fruit, picked at its peak, packed carefully and delivered fast. The Summer Fruit Share includes 9 weeks of deliveries of the season's tastiest Organic Fruit, along with an e-newsletter sharing storage tips, recipes and farmer profiles.  The fruit is Not local, but it is IN SEASON, picked fresh and delivered quickly to you.  The weather needs to cooperate for the harvest plan to work out exactly and substitutions are possible.  The mixed fruit flats will depend on what is freshest and best at the time of delivery.

Summer FruitShare
Our first Summer FruitShare will start with the second week of our Summer's Best Share -planned for mid-June.

Week 2- Blueberries
Week 4- Cherries
Week 6- Mixed Fruit -may contain a combination of grapes, nectarines, pluots, plums, meyer lemons
Week 8 - Mixed Fruit - may contain a combination of grapes, nectarines, pluots, avocados
Week 10 - Colorado Peaches
Week 12 - Colorado Peaches - or maybe a mixed box with some peaches, figs, mangos, grapes and valencia oranges
Week 14 - Mixed Local Apples
Week 16 - Mixed Local Apples
Week 18 - Mixed Pears

Fall FruitShare
Fall FruitShare will include cranberries, apples, pears and may include some mixed citris.  They will be delivered along with the Fall Harvest Veggies.